Prices - Special Offer

Custom designed brochure website. 

This would normally consist of 5 to 7 pages but would not include any 'shopping cart' functions.

Price - 380.00 (UK Pounds) plus any additional costs listed below.


1) Custom, bespoke website design and development.

2) Design revisions so you can make sure it's exactly what you want.

3) Web images to suit your business. Preferably, you can of course provide us with your own.

4) A 'Mobile Friendly' version of your website. Confirmed by Google.

5) Search engine optimisation / submission.

6) 1 enquiry form.

7) Search Engine friendly pages.

8) Ongoing technical support 24/7 - we don't do 'office hours' ....


Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox compatible.

Assistance with many other aspects of starting your own business, including raising finance and managing your cash flow.

Additional costs:

Corporate identity. 

As listed above, we can design a logo for you within the initial fee, but incorporating this logo into other items such as letterhead, flyers, posters etc is remarkably time consuming, so will be quoted as an extra.

Hosting is normally charged on a quarterly basis depending on the type and complexity of the site. An average cost would be about 7.00 to 10.00 per month.

Maintenance and minor updates.

A website has to be checked on a regular basis, you can't just forget about it and expect it to look after itself. Also we find that clients often need minor updates such as email addresses, phone nos, a few paragraphs of text, or a picture update, on a regular basis. 

To cover this, and to keep the 'admin' down, and to avoid sending out invoices for small jobs, we normally charge a maintenance fee of 7.00 per month

Major updates

Large updates such as new pages, significant amounts of text changes, a lot of additional pictures, additional product or services etc, are charged on a pro-rata basis which is discussed with you in advance, estimated, and approved before proceeding.


Note: the website types and costs shown above are the most common types and are just shown as a guide. When we discuss your website project, if we find that you need a much higher level of complexity, we will advise you of any additional costs in advance and make sure you are aware of the implications.

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